Do you find yourself frequently sifting through social media for any kind of excitement? Do you share obsessively?

Then join us and become the online voice of elite brands.


The boring part: NoHype Media is a consulting company specializing in real estate that works with clients to provide full-service sales and marketing strategies using automation tools and a knowledgeable team of experts.

What you really need to know about us: Sure we have great pay, profit sharing, extended medical benefits, flexible hours (with the possibility of working from home from time to time).

Of course, we also have an amazing and fun culture (no suits allowed), awesome team retreats (the really fun ones with your family), paid vacations, and bonus structures for most positions.

But that’s not what sets NoHype apart. It’s really about the success stories we get to create for our clients as a team.

NoHype Media is expanding! And we need YOU to assist in the management of a growing roster of clients. Join us and get in on the ground floor of a company revolutionizing the marketing and sales game with human-oriented values and ingenuity made possible only by harnessing with our employees’ individual strengths. We want you to bring your unique skills and voice to contribute to our growth as a leader in the digital marketing world. At NoHype, we know that success comes from the passion and collaboration of a well-functioning team.



What it means to work with NoHype Media:

  • Access to educational resources for self-directed on-the-job training and skills building.
  • Your ideas and input are valued: you’ll frequently be asked to take charge and put your words into action.
  • Regular off-site meetings and the ability to work flexibly from home when needed
  • A collaborative and supportive work environment.
  • Gain experience using top-quality digital marketing and design resources.


Who You Are:

Got a knack for the perfect comment, or know just what sort of post is sure to go viral? Is my attempt at social media lingo embarrassing? That’s exactly why we want you to take charge of all our social media campaigns and give our clients the highest quality content and engagement strategies available.

You’ll work to develop content calendars and fill them with relevant and interesting material that will drive up engagement. Monitor our clients’ social media presence and use various platforms to optimize the customer journey.

In addition to managing and monitoring social media, you will contribute to content creation with original ideas for videos, images, and text, as well as develop advertising strategies using all social media platforms.


Required Skills

  • Strong research ability.
  • Relevant content creation experience.
  • Experience with boosted and paid posts.
  • Ability to monitor and track KPIs.
  • Facility with Photoshop, Indesign, Premiere Pro, or similar editing software
  • Organization; using content calendars.
  • Basic copywriting experience.
  • Some familiarity with Hootsuite or other social media monitoring platforms.
  • Customer service background a plus.


Other Critical Traits:

  • Self-motivated to excel.
  • Ability to learn quickly and independently while on the go.
  • Humility: At NoHype Media, success is a team effort.
  • Effective management of multiple projects at once.
  • Adaptability: our priorities can change in an instant, and you need to be ready.


Additional Information:

NoHype Media is a forward-thinking business that values the unique worth of its employees. No suits and no stuffy formalities. Ours is a casual and collaborative atmosphere with flexible hours and profit sharing. If you’re an outside-the-box-thinker, a go-getter with an independent spirit, and a genius in your field wanting a work environment that’s more than just a little different, then you are just who we’re looking for.


Your application must include:

  1. Your resume in PDF format. Additionally, please include a link to all social media accounts you currently manage so we can get a sense of your style and ability.
  2. Your video cover letter. Record yourself speaking in a 3-minute video and upload it to YouTube. Tell us about your mission in life and how you grow yourself each day on the path towards it. How does No Hype Media fit into that journey?


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